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Graphic design poster by Image Box Design

Design a Lab Coat Competition for British Science Week With BayLab

At Image Box Design, we recently had the opportunity to collaborate with BayLab, a laboratory initiative by Bayer, to create captivating marketing materials.

BayLab, located in the picturesque waterside setting of Green Park, Reading, is a cutting-edge laboratory designed to provide students with an immersive and educational experience across key stages 2-5.

The lab offers access to state-of-the-art equipment, engaging experiments, and the opportunity for students to apply innovative ideas to solve problems and develop solutions, complementing what children learn at school.

The Design Brief

Our task was to design a range of collateral for BayLab, including posters, certificates, competition forms, postcards, and life-size lab coat cutouts.

These materials were intended for both in-lab use and promotional purposes, aiming to engage students and promote the educational initiatives offered by BayLab.

Each design needed to create curiosity and learning within the lab while also enticing students to participate in the various activities and programs.

Our goal was to design compelling and informative collateral that would resonate with the target audience and enhance the overall BayLab experience.

The Completed Design Project

Before we started designing the materials, we gained an understanding of BayLab’s objectives and the target audience.

This formed the basis for the creative direction of the project, ensuring that the marketing materials would effectively convey the essence of BayLab’s mission while resonating with the young audience.

Baylab Postcard Graphic Design

The posters and brochures we created were designed to combine visually appealing graphics with educational content, presenting complex scientific concepts in an accessible and engaging manner.

Baylab Design a lab coat poster graphic design

The use of vibrant colours, captivating imagery, and concise yet informative text ensured that the posters not only added aesthetic value to the lab’s environment but also served as valuable educational tools for the students.

Baylab poster design by Image Box Design

Similarly, the certificates were designed to exude a sense of accomplishment and pride, featuring distinctive graphics and personalised details to celebrate the students’ achievements within the lab.

Lab Coat Case Study Design Competition for BayLab

All of the marketing materials, from the competition forms and brochure to the posters and postcards, were thoughtfully designed to capture the attention of the students and encourage their active participation in BayLab’s activities.

Labcoat container graphic design

The Lab Coat competition received fantastic feedback internally.

Marketing Materials by Image Box Design

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